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Shamba pro

Shambapro App empowers small farm business owners to manage farm resources more efficiently, increase yields and farm incomes, save money and grow their farm business with climate-smart agriculture practices.


Use Farm Team to invite and work with farm workers and experts, like agronomists and vets.

Plan, assign, and approve farm tasks using Farm Calendar to monitor how well the farm workers are doing.

Keep various non-money-related farm records, like feeding, breeding, milking, or health records, using Production Records.

Keep tabs on specific animals, flocks of birds, crop fields, and paddocks with Record Tracking.

For financial matters, use Financial Records to approve and track transactions on the farm, ensuring honesty, clarity, and accuracy.


Shamba Pro partnered with Techanzy to develop a complete mobile app solution. Our collaboration involved regular meetings, where we closely engaged with the Shamba Pro team, understood their needs, and incorporated their feedback at every stage. By using an iterative approach, we crafted iOS and Android apps that aligned perfectly with their vision and requirements.


Techanzy developed the Shamba Pro mobile app, equipped with a variety of features of collaborate farm workers & experts like agronomists and veterinary doctors with Farm Team.


Client Review

Their personalized touch and customized expertise elevated my project to new heights. A group of highly creative professionals. Definitely recommend!