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Joined by our esteemed CTO, the Techanzy Family recently came together to celebrate the birthday of one of our valued team members. Amidst a backdrop of warmth and camaraderie, we gathered to honor and cherish the remarkable individuality of Warda. Their dedication and contributions resonate deeply within our team, enriching our collective journey at Techanzy.

New Year eve

Sweet Success! 🍰 Celebrating milestones with smiles and slices. Here’s to many more achievements and shared moments like this at Techanzy.

Eid Party

Accompanied by our CEO and CTO, Techanzy Family went for a culinary adventure with a delightful twist to break the meaty monotony after Eid.

Friday Feast

The Friday traditions continue with our collective feast on every blessed Friday. It brings us all together, connecting over food is one of Techanzy’s favorite activity.

Mango Fest

Techanzy celebrated the season of mangoes with a vibrant Mango Fest! Our day was painted in shades of yellow, with juicy mangoes, delectable mango delights, and the irresistible aroma of this tropical fruit filling the air. The Mango Fest was a sweet reminder of how moments of pure joy and team spirit can make our days brighter and more memorable. King Mango

Eid Celebrations

Eid is all about sharing love. At Techanzy we look for reasons to bring our Tech-fam closer together and the only language we know is the tech language, so we decided to gift Tech Bags to everyone on Eid, to make them feel special but in our own unique way.

Sweet Friday

Fridays call for something special so we made it a Sweet Friday with relaxation, and our favorite sweet delights. Happy Sweet Friday!