Techanzy | Outsourced IT Support Services and Custom Software Development Company

Day Out

Enchantment of Joyland

Picture this: our team, alongside our awesome management, embarked on a whirlwind adventure at Joyland. From heart-pounding swings to belly laughs, we soaked up every moment. And to cap it off? A cozy meal with our CEO, sharing stories and smiles. Joyland wasn’t just about the rides; it was about bonding, laughter, and making memories that’ll last a lifetime.

Swaik Lake

From playing fun games on the bus to soaking in the beauty of nature, stopping for chai at local dhabas, and satisfying our KFC cravings, this trip was a perfect blend of fun and relaxation. Techanzy’s Swaik Lake Adventure was a refreshing official trip that turned into an unforgettable bonding experience. 

Pool Day

Techanzy’s tech-fam embarked on a thrilling tech-fueled escape mission to Aqua Planet! They took a refreshing break from the scorching heat and dove into a day away, surrounded by the cool waters and warm camaraderie. It was an epic day out, blending tech and fun in perfect harmony!

Movie Day

Revving up the fun with our Techanzy crew by catching the latest installment of Fast X. Days like these remind us why we love working together.