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Revolutionizing real estate networking and inventory management, our B2B platform streamlines connections between agents through a user-friendly app, boosting collaboration and productivity in the industry.


Empowering seamless real estate transactions by connecting buyers and sellers through our innovative platform and revolutionize the way properties are bought and sold.

Our mission is to provide a trusted and transparent marketplace that simplifies the real estate process, making it accessible to all while ensuring efficiency, security, and unparalleled user experience.


Real Exchange partnered with Techanzy to develop a complete mobile app solution. Our collaboration involved regular meetings, where we closely engaged with the Real Exchange team, understood their needs, and incorporated their feedback at every stage. By using an iterative approach, we crafted iOS and Android apps that aligned perfectly with Real Exchange’s vision and requirements.


Techanzy developed the Real Exchange mobile app, equipped with a variety of features to boost the efficiency of Advisors and Real Estate Agents.


Client Review

Their personalized approach and tailored craftsmanship took my project to a new level. A team of creative professionals. Recommended!